The NFL Has Some Serious Logistics Problems

Wendover Productions explores the league's most daunting problems.
Loukia Papadopoulos

No sports league in the world makes more money than the National Football League but with all these advantages come some serious logistics problems. For starters, the players are so large that they each require a first class seat or at least an empty seat next to them when flying.

They also travel with a support staff of 100 people. There is also the fact that many teams are located in areas without a nearby airline hub making it even more difficult to find a flight.

Increasingly, airlines are stopping the NFL flights as normal commercial use is more lucrative for them. Other sports organizations play more games and are closer to airline hubs making them more attractive to commercial airlines.

As such, many NFL teams are seeing their flying costs skyrocket. But that is not even their most daunting logistics problems.

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