The Power of Hydraulic Press Turns Toilet Paper Into an Impressive Knife

The Hydraulic Press Channel team are now using their famous press to make new objects from ordinary things.
Jessica Miley

The crazy team for the Hydraulic Press Channel, are branching out from their usual modus operandi of just crushing unexpected things with a lot of force. Now the team is using the press to create real objects. In this video, the guys use the press to make a knife out of toilet paper.

They have done other experiments with toilet paper before, where they pressed expensive toilet paper into sheets and then shot bullets at it. In this case, they use two types of paper layered together then pressed into sheets. From there they cut and carve the sheets into a handle and blade.

The resulting knife is quite impressive, while you won’t be able to eat a steak dinner with it, host, Lauri Vuohensilta is able to neatly slice a banana. The video is done in the familiar gung-ho style of the Hydraulic Press Channel aesthetic, with little regard to planning or safety.

The new videos that they have been producing show just how versatile pressure is in completely transforming materials from one thing to another. The soft fluffy toilet paper is squashed into a hard and carvable sheet.

In other recent videos, the team made an aluminum fry pan from regular aluminum sheets and in further chaos attempted to make peanut butter sandwiches and homemade Nutella using the press with hilarious results.