The Real Secret as to Why There Are No Mosquitoes at Walt Disney World

Here's how Walt Disney World manages to avoid being covered in mosquitoes during hot summer months.
Shelby Rogers

Central Florida is known for its theme parks, namely the Walt Disney World parks and resorts. But Orlando, Central Florida, and most of the state are covered in swamp lands. In fact, Florida is more proportionately swamp lands than any other state in the United States. Most of Walt Disney World property was actually built on swamp lands converted by Walt Disney and his engineers during the early 1960s as he developed his East Coast park. 

Floridians are no stranger to mosquitoes. The pesky insects wreak havoc during the summer months. However, those mosquitoes never seem to be found anywhere near Cinderella's castle. 

Why? A quick search on the official Disney resorts page doesn't give much detail. "We have an extensive mosquito prevention and monitoring program across property" is the short answer listed on the Q&A page. And in a way, that answer succinctly explains Disney's thoughts on disease-carrying mosquitoes. Disney has always prioritized the safety, health and comfort of its guests. 

However, the actual explanation is a bit more complex -- albeit nowhere near as 'revolutionary' as the rumors of a temperature-controlled "Disney Dome." Walt Disney World just uses the same pest control tactics as other areas, but they do it at a more carefully controlled volume. Disney employees (called "cast members") use natural predators to regulate mosquitoes, pesticides, and other seemingly ordinary solutions. 

The real trick comes from just how extensively these plans are laid out, as Disney historian and YouTuber Rob Plays explains in this video. 

Editorial note: The writer of this post is a former Walt Disney World cast member, current WDW annual passholder, and lives in central Florida. She can certainly vouch for the blissful moments of not dealing with mosquitoes while enjoying a day at the Magic Kingdom.

Via: Rob Plays

The Real Secret as to Why There Are No Mosquitoes at Walt Disney World

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