The Reason Why Good Engineers Quit Their Jobs

Why do perfectly capable employees choose to leave good jobs?
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Getting an engineering degree often guarantees a good job and a lucrative career. But did you know that many engineers are resigning from their posts?

Yes, indeed, in May of 2018, 3,560,000 employees left their jobs. Why is this the case? What is causing engineers to leave seemingly good jobs?

The answer is a complicated one as it comes down to five facts. The first one is that their jobs are boring. Yes, you read that right boring!

Often employees feel unchallenged and unmotivated by their current positions. If the managerial staff does not do enough to push these employees, you can easily end up with a situation where employees are bored.

Speaking of managerial staff, the second reason employees leave is because they dislike their boss. Indeed, your boss is someone you have to spend plenty of time with and someone whose orders you must obey.

If you consider that person to be at best inexperienced and at worst plain dumb, it's hard to stay in a job underneath him. Never mind that you likely won't progress if you don't get along with your boss.

What are the rest of the reasons employees quit their jobs? We won't share them here. You have to watch the video for that.

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