The reason why high-end audio equipment is so expensive

Real audiophiles spend thousand of dollars on their hi-fi setups.
Loukia Papadopoulos

When it comes to audio equipment, there are two types of buyers: those that are content with a simple pair of AirPods and those that spend tens of thousands of dollars on their hi-fi setups. For newcomers to the audio world, the second type of buyer may seem extreme even irrational but there is a reason why high-end audio equipment can be so expensive.

Hi-fi setups are so pricey because they are tailored specifically to a user’s tastes and preferences. These setups come in all shapes and sizes and are most notably differentiated by the source of the sound.

High-end audiophiles have even been known to have dedicated setups filling entire rooms. These setups are often accompanied by an extensive physical collection of music stored in classic vinyl records. These old-fashioned types of records are believed to offer a warmer higher-quality sound.

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But the sound source is not the only component that sound signals pass through before they reach the speakers or headphones. There are many more components that audiophiles must consider when building their hi-fi setups. What are these components and how do they fit into the world's most expensive audio setups? This video answers these questions and more.

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