The Reasons Why Killer Whales Migrate Will Surprise You

It has to do with their skincare routine.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Killer whales are magnificent beasts of nature that roam in our oceans. Did you know that depending on the species, killer whales can migrate up to 22.5 thousand of kilometers across oceans?

Why take on such long migrations, you may wonder? After all, such a long trip must be a little tiring.

Current speculations state that it has something to do with the availability of food or warmer waters helping them get impregnated. Warmer waters offer a safer space to give birth, as they have fewer predators and the temperatures may also be more soothing to newborns.

But according to some researchers, it might actually have more to do with the animals' skincare routine.

Yes, you read that right! It seems that killer whales are actually beauty conscious. 

This theory started in 2019 with a study that tracked killer whales in Antarctica. It was found that their migrations weren't long enough to justify giving birth, and it even spotted the whales with their calfs swimming in the freezing waters.

So, how did the study come to discover the skincare theory? We won't tell you that. You have to watch the video for that. We will tell you you will come to see killer whales in a whole new light.

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