The RowBike is the Ultimate Workout Machine

The RowBike combines a bicycle with a rowing machine to create a total body workout device.
Jessica Miley

If heading to the gym to get on the exercise bike or rowing machine sounds like a bore, then we have the answer for you. The RowBike combines the two machines, but puts you outdoors! The crazy contraption works out 95 percent of your muscle groups while you cruise the streets. By using the technique of a rowing machine whilst on a bike you are able to burn 50 percent more calories than an ordinary exercise bike.

Unlike being in a gym watching TV or staring at the wall, the RowBike gets you outdoors, alerts your sense and puts your brain to work navigating the terrain. But best of all the machine has zero impact on our joints unlike going for a run would. So it's perfect for people of all fitness levels or those recovering from injury. The RowBike was invented by Scott Olsen, the man who also invented the rollerblade! It works by the driver pulling the handlebars towards them and back like you would with a rowing machine handle. This motion propels the bike forward and you can steer like an ordinary bicycle. The action targets all major muscle groups while also providing a challenging cardiovascular workout. The full-body stretch provided by the movement mimics a natural movement of the body, reducing stress on joints and reducing the likelihood of injury. 

The company's website states, “We believe that everyone can be fit. We believe that getting there, maintaining and improving must be fun. We believe that having fun outdoors keeps us motivated. We believe that Rowbike is the best outdoor fitness experience available today.” 

You can purchase a RowBike via their website. They average in cost anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 USD.

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