The Science Behind the World's Fastest Elevators

Super tall buildings require super fast elevators. This is how these wonders of engineering work.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Part of the difficulty of having an excessively tall building is having an elevator to get quickly enough to the top. Or else people will not buy property in the building.

The taller the building, the more elevator capacity you also need. But there is the pesky problem that the elevator takes up space. Based on this principle, every time you add an extra floor, you remove some floor space for the elevator.

For all these reasons most super tall buildings use a different method of elevators. Taking the elevator in these super tall buildings is like taking the subway.

There are just a few elevators that go up to the top, and the rest go in between. And the express elevators are much faster.

How does all this work? Well, Half as Interesting is here to explain in great detail in this video.


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