The Speedy Stylish Bicycles Produced by Car Brands

Which car brands engineer the best bikes?

Car brands around the world are constantly evolving bringing us new and exciting vehicle models. It's no surprise then to find out that they also produce bicycles. These bikes are known for their speed, efficiency, overall safety, and style 

Jeep bikes, BMW bikes, McLaren bikes, Bugatti bikes are only some of the bicycles out there produced by car brands. They all come with special features, impressive speeds, and better yet they are also nice to look at. 

The Jeep bike, for instance, is a stylish and sleek electric mountain bike that can tackle any terrain. It has a thumb throttle for pedal-free riding and is equipped with a 1,000-W electric motor which delivers a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h). Now, that's a bike!

Has this bike piqued your curiosity? Want to know what other exemplary bicycles have been produced by car brands? Want to learn how vehicle companies take the technology and engineering they use to manufacture cars to produce incredible bicycles? Curious about all the special features that these new and exciting bicycles have?


Then do not miss this video where we show you many bicycles engineered by the best car brands out there.


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