The Story of the Massive Nazi Railway Across Europe That Never Happened

No project was too big for the Nazi Germany.
Derya Ozdemir

When talking about engineering megaprojects, it would be a shame not to mention the Breitspurbahn (German for broad gauge railway), a planned 3,000 mm wide-gauge rail line. It was Adolf Hitler who came up with the idea massive in scope and cost during the Nazi regime in Germany, as he wanted the biggest trains in the world to serve the German Reich. It was intended to run with double-deck coaches between major cities of Grossdeutschland, Hitler's expanded Germany and neighboring states.

The projected railway network would dwarf all others, connecting all regions of the Nazi empire with huge spanking new trains running on a 9.8-foot (3-meter) wide gauge. You can discover more about the Breitspurbahn project and why it was never built in this video from the YouTube channel Found & Explained. If you've never heard of this bizarre initiative, we can tell you it's well worth your time.


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