The Way These Skillful Cardists Handle Cards Is Mind Blowing

If you thought shuffling cards was only reserved to before a poker game, think again. These guys are creating a new art form from the humble deck of cards that is fast, furious and fabulous.
Jessica Miley

Watching people perform tricks they are really really good at is always satisfying. But this video from Virtuoso takes this a step further. Huron Low, Kevin Ho, and Daren Yeow are three friends that have taken the act of card shuffling and made it an art. In the video, they demonstrate their skills, which they call ‘cardistry’. The deck of cards leaps through the air, seemingly under a different law of physics than the ones that apply to the rest of us. The video is beautifully put together but a little less slo-mo would have been great, just to see the speed at which their hands must be working in order to manipulate those little bits of card.

The Virtuoso team have developed a special deck which you can purchase on their website and were part of the most recent Cardistry Con. An event that describes itself as ‘an interactive conference centered around the art of cardistry, where cardtists from all over the world can gather and explore the limitless expressive potential of an ordinary deck of playing cards. We promote cardistry in an encouraging environment suitable for anyone passionate about the art.’ If you are just a little bit curious about this fledgling art form, the YouTube is the best place to start. Most of the up and coming card artists nominate Dan and Dave Buck, the grandfathers of the modern card art movement, as the reason they started. Check out some of their clips here.