The 'Weedinator' is an Epic Autonomous Backyard Project

This unique autonomous farm tool could be a new way for farmers to take care of crops in a more efficient way.
Shelby Rogers

Look out, Tesla, the Weedinator is coming. 

The Weedinator -- a creation from Goat Industries -- attempts to be a safe autonomous farm assistant. It is (in a simplified explanation) an autonomous electric tractor that can be used on smaller farms to help grow crops, till and weed plant beds and patrol in place of a human farmer. 

"In the world of professional agriculture, a lot of focus has been put on large, incredibly expensive machines that work in huge open fields where just one crop is grown. Whilst this is incredibly efficient and produces very cheap food, it's not good for pretty much everything else!" Goat Industries explained on their website. 

The Weedinator's creators also wanted to present a robot that doesn't seem like it would steal someone's jobs (or potentially take over the world). 

"Although robots have a bad rep for stealing our jobs, there are some jobs that most people just don't want to do," the team explained. "Not only are these tasks boring, but they can often tip the wage scales over the minimum threshold and make small farms financially unviable."

According to the team, the Weedinator will showcase its latest autonomous testing and capabilities at the Liverpool MakeFest on June 30 of this year. 

The 'Weedinator' is an Epic Autonomous Backyard Project 

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