The World's Fastest Card Thrower Shows off His Technique in Slow-Motion

The Slow Mo guys invite the world's fastest card-thrower on to the show to capture his technique in slow motion.

Rick Smith Jr. can throw a playing card so fast it can pierce the skin of a watermelon. This card-throwing genius met up the hosts from the Slow Mo Guys YouTube channel to show off his skills.

You can watch the full episode here. In some fun bonus footage host, Dan lines up against the world’s fastest card thrower just to check his skills.

Predictably Dan's playing card throw is much much slower than Smiths Jr’s. Dan throws his card at a pretty impressive 37 km/h but Smith Jr. blows him out of the water, smoothly throwing his card at just over 90km/h!

That is pretty insane! If you are thinking of taking up the niche hobby of speed card throwing be sure to watch the very beginning of the video that shows Smith Jr. throwing the card front-on in super slow motion.

You can see just how efficient his throwing technique is and how he uses his whole body to propel the tiny slip of cardboard forward. The video is a bonus edition of Season 1, Episode 6 of the Super Slow Show which the team from The Slow Mo Guys have put together with the help of some additional funding.

The show is really fun and sees the guys try out some more elaborate and time-consuming tricks at a specially designed set. One particularly good episode is when the two boys dip a giant drill bit into the paint.

Via: The Slow Mo Guys

The World's Fastest Card Thrower Shows off His Technique in Slow-Motion 

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