The World's Most Expensive Megaprojects

What does a project need to have to be considered a megaproject?

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Have you heard of megaprojects? What does a project need to have to be considered mega? How about an exorbitant price tag? Is that enough?

Construction, engineering, and architecture projects can sometimes be so massive that we refer to them as megaprojects. Some examples include but are not limited to interstate highways, the International Space Station, the Kashagan oil fields, or the Kansai airport.

These projects bring together huge resources, budgets, and staff to build absolutely extraordinary structures.

For instance, The Belt and Road Initiative in China that aims to connect Asia with Africa and Europe will cost up to $8 trillion. The International Space Station cost about $150 billion to build and launch while the Kashagan Oil Fields went for $116 billion. Malaysia’s forest city is going for a shocking $100 billion while Qatar’s megacity named Lusail is reaching a whopping $45 billion.


What are these projects and why do they cost so much? Are they just marvels of engineering or are they complicated projects to build? We answer these questions and bring you video footage of each project so you can see them up close. We dare you not to be impressed!

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