A DIY Man Has Built 'The World's Most Powerful' .50-Caliber Hammer

Careful with that hammer, Eugene.
Derya Ozdemir

The COVID-19 pandemic has long been over for some, while for others, lockdowns are still in effect. YouTuber I did a thing is one of those who is still locked up and bored, so naturally, he wanted to make mundane activities more challenging and a tad dangerous.

With this in mind, he started researching and his research led him to an "exploding hammer" event in Mexico, in which participants affix a mixture of sulfur and chlorate to the ends of sledgehammers. The hammers are then smashed on rail beams, causing the chemical to erupt and enormous clouds of smoke to rise. With the impact, some of the attendees are thrown backward, and in fact, the festival left 43 people injured in Feb. 2020.

Inspired by the festival, he decided to make his own version of it by building "the world's most powerful" hammer. While the video is heavily edited, per the description box, it's still extremely entertaining and showcases his DIY skills pretty well. So make sure to check out the video above and be careful with that hammer, Eugene!

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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