The World's Smallest McDonald’s Is Now Open for Bees

McDonald’s restaurants in Sweden now have beehives on their rooftops while their grass has been replaced with flowers to support bees.

McDonald’s and advertising agency NORD DDB started a project to showcase the efforts the fast food chain is doing to help bees. 

"Some of McDonald’s restaurants in Sweden have beehives on their rooftops. The initiative started out locally but is now growing. More franchisees around the country are joining the cause and have also started replacing the grass around their restaurants with flowers and plants that are important for the wellbeing of wild bees. To celebrate the initiative, which is part of McDonald’s Sweden's sustainability work, we created what could be the world’s smallest McDonald’s – a fully functioning beehive," reads the video's description.

To celebrate these efforts. McDonald’s and NORD DDB created a tiny beehive, called the McHive, in the shape of s standard McDonald's building. The video shows you the steps undertaken to get the final product, and it is mesmerizing to watch.

Better yet, the video reveals that the bee conservation efforts are an initiative that started locally, but that has now been spreading nationally. Now, that's news we can get behind!

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