The World's Strongest Glow In the Dark Paint Meets the Brightest Torch

Shining a very bright light onto things is fun, especially when it can glow in the dark.
Jessica Miley

Doing science that involves really bright torches is sure to be fun. Add in a dash of super glow in the dark paint and things get interesting. The Action Lab got their hands on one of the world's brightest paint, nicknamed the world's 'glowiest glow'. They also happened to have the world's brightest flashlight lying around so it seemed only natural to combine the two. The video shows channel's host ‘charging’ the paint with the 32,000-lumen flashlight before switching off the light. The paint definitely lives up to its name, that glow is really amazing, and can reportedly last for up to 12 hours. The paint is unlike other glow in the dark products as it is able to be charged not only via light but by heat as well.

To demonstrate this, the paint is heated on half its surface with a hairdryer. The paint even gets brighter simply by placing the palm of your hand on it. This incredible paint is called LIT and is a creation of Stuart Semple. The paint is a mixture of the world's best light emitting pigments and rare earth activators. Unlike normal surfaces that absorb light for mere nanoseconds before re-emitting them, glow in the dark pigments work by absorbing the light and saving them to be re-emitted later. Watch the entire video to get all the good science on just how this is possible and why this paint is just so good.