These 20 Useful Drill Bits Will Make Your Life Easier

Check out these drill bit accessories that are bound to make short work of common DIY tasks.

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Having the right tool for the job is essential for any DIYer. This is especially true for some tasks like drilling metal or making wooden rings. 

Here are some great examples. 

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Let's see what these awesome tools are made of. 

Tool 1: Wooden ball drill bit

awesome drill bits ball bit
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

The first useful tool is a wooden ball drill bit. Made up of three separate parts, this drill bit excellent for coring and routing holes. You can use it to make semi-spherical details in wood, or, by drilling from both sides of the wood, making a perfect sphere of wood!

To use it, you'll first need to assemble the separate parts (the main cutting edge, central guide drill, and chuck). 


Tighten the chuck to hold all the parts together, and then affix the drill bit to your power drill or bench drill.

2. Hex shank borehole twist drill bit

awesome tools twist shank
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

The hex shank bore hole twist drill bit is another tool you really need in your DIY arsenal. Perfect for easily countersinking wood, this bit can also be used to core through wood completely. 

3. Half time 2 in 1 drill bit

great tools 2 in 1
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

Next up is the half-time 2 in 1 drill bit. This amazing drill accessory lets you secure two different drill bits on the same mount. 

If you find that you need to constantly switch between a drill bit and a screwdriver bit, this tool will save you tons of time. Once your are done making your pilot holes, simply rotate the bit to expose the screwdriver head, and away you go!


4. Kindling firewood splitter

great tools kindling splitter
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

The next amazing tool is the kindling firewood splitter. Simple secure the bit in your power drill and rapidly tear blocks of wood into handy kindling for your fire. 

It is also fun to use!

5. Granite drill bit

great tools granite drill
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

The granite drill bit does exactly what it says on the tin. Specially designed to drill through hard materials, like granite, this tool makes the job as easy as pie. 

You can also use this drill bit on other tricky materials like ceramic tiles or insulation board too. 

6. Glass/granite diamond hole saw

great tools glas corer
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

These diamond-tipper hole saw bits are just the trick for coring holes through problematic materials -- like glass. Rather than shattering the subject material, this bit goes straight through with little hassle. 

7. Hole digger earth planting drill bit

great tools earth drill
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

Just look at this tool! While it happens to be the perfect thing for excavating holes in the soil, it looks so amazing you might just want to have one lying around for the fun of it. 


The bit readily fits into most power drill chucks, so save a ton of time in the garden. 

8. Slot drill bit

great tools slot drill
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

Coming in a range of diameters, like other bits mentioned above, the slot drill is another essential tool for your kit. With this bit, you can make slots in some wood or metal in one step without the need for a router tool.

9. Multi-purpose carbide drill bit

great tools carbide drills
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

The one-stop-shop for drill bits, any self-respecting DIYer needs a set of multi-purpose carbide drill bits. Drill holes through a wide variety of materials in short order. 

10. Wood plug hole cutter drill bit

great tools plug bit
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

If you need to make wood plugs for your DIY project, then you really need to consider getting a set of these drill bits. Secure them into your power drill chuck, and get to churning out wooden plugs in your own mini-factory.


11. Adjustable hole saw with shield

great tools hole saw and shield
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

Save all the hassle of cleaning up after you drill something, like a wall, with this handy tool. Simply assemble it as needed, attach it to your power drill chuck, and drill away. All that dust and debris will be captured by the shield!

12. Metric deburr countersink bit

great tools deburr bit
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

If you are fed up with having to deburr drill holes in metal, then this drill bit is a must-have for you. Countersink your drill hole safe in the knowledge the hole will be free of those pesky random burrs.

13. Countersink drill bit for metal

great tools countersink bits
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

If you want to make sure your screw heads sit nice a flush on a particular medium, like metal, then these drill bits are just the job. They come in a range of sizes, so you can countersink many sizes of screws. 


14. Screwdriver magnetic ring

great tools magnet ring
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

Magnetize any iron-rich drill bit with this amazing accessory. Simply secure your drill bit as normal into your drill chuck, and slide this handy little magnetic ring around it. 

Hey, presto! It is now magnetized.

15. Thermal frictional drill bit

great tools thermal bit
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

This handy little bit uses friction to help remove the material as you drill. Handy and very efficient. 

16. Wood bead maker drill bit

great tools Wood Bead Maker
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

This evil-looking drill bit might be one of the coolest things you'll ever see. Rapidly create wooden beading or rings with this handy drill bit. 

17. Self-centering drill bit

great tools self centering
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

If you constantly struggle to prevent your screws from getting stripped when drilling, then this drill accessory is what you need. Happy days.

18. Wood countersink drill bit

great tools wood countersinks
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

Take your finished woodworking projects to the next level with a set of wood countersinking drill bits. Simply a must if you need perfectly flush screws. 


19. Universal socket wrench

great tools universal socket
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

Never struggle again to find the right connecting tool awkward fittings like hooks etc with this amazing device. Simply secure it in your power drill chuck and away you go. 

20. Pivoting screwdriver bit holder

great tools pivot bit
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

And finally, this drill accessory might be the best thing you've ever seen. Never again worry about tightening, or loosening, screws in those hard-to-reach places. 

This amazing bit holder will sort you out. 

And that's your lot for today. Why not get your hands on some of these tools to help you with some great DIY projects like, for example, making some furniture

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