These 21 Weird Tank Designs Never Made It to the Battlefield

One of them is shaped like a tortoise, and we will leave it at that.

Tanks are armored fighting vehicles that are designed for front-line combat with heavy firepower and good battlefield maneuverability provided by tracks and a powerful engine. However, not all tanks were created equal.

Comes from a guy who you'll wish was your history teacher by the end of the video: 21 tank and proto-tank concepts that didn't really work. It is up to debate how anyone thought some of these would work in the first place.

YouTube channel Lindybeige has anything from archaeology, ancient and medieval warfare, rants to swing dance, travelogues, and evolution.

This 23-minute-video takes you on a journey to military history, by sorting through dusty tank designs that never made it to battle and for some good reason. Admittedly, as he states in the description box, there are "Nice models, but some silly designs." From a combat vehicle that looks like a tortoise to a glider tank that has wings to fly, there is a bit of everything from numerous nations. 

Also, when you think about the amount of research that has gone into this video, we feel like we should be giving our tanks to him for the enlightenment. 

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