These 3D Printed Fun and Useful Gadgets Will Blow You Away

While 3D printing is known for its versatility, you still won't believe how many items can be created with it.
Loukia Papadopoulos

3D printing is known for its versatility. Indeed you can 3D print everything from food to actual mini versions of yourself. 

To prove this point, we decided to put together this video of a bunch of fun and useful gadgets that are 3D printed. 

There's a repeating mini crossbow that can throw toothpicks at your enemies. There's a toothpaste tube refillerizer (yeah, that's a word) that allows you to refill your favorite toothpaste container after your toothpaste has finished.

There's a nifty spinning top that can provide fun and entertainment for hours. Just twirl it and then watch it spin away! There's the ultra-cool catapult that allows you to throw things at a very big distance. Just pull back and throw away!

A beautiful venus box allows you to keep your pills or other small belongings in a safe and aesthetically-pleasing place. Meanwhile, a mini trap allows you to catch things that pass by.

Like Vegas? How about a 3D printed roulette? Now, you can bring all the Vegas fun right at home. And a solo finger pen offers a cool way to write notes.

These are but a few of the nifty fun and useful gadgets we feature in our video. If you want to see them all make sure not to miss this clip.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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