These Are the Ancient Medicines and Treatments We Still Use Today

The use of certain medicines predates the written word.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Did you know that the ancient use of certain medicines predates even the written word? Yes, indeed, even back then, they were using herbs and stones to heal.

But what ancient practices have survived to this day? Quite a few actually.

For starters, the use of bronze as an antibacterial material for tools dates back to the early Roman Empire and ancient Mediterranean areas. It's not exactly the bronze that is antimicrobial but actually the high amount of copper in it.

This means these ancient bronze tools would have been much safer than other kinds. Today, we still use copper in medical devices.

Aspirin is also very ancient although it did not use to come in a pill form. Rather it came from the willow tree which was packed with Salicin, a precursor to aspirin.

This practice of using Salicin dates as far back as 2000 BC in Egypt and in Sumer.

What other ancient medicines and treatments are in use today? We won't tell you that.

Because Science does a much better job of explaining it in their video. We will tell you you will be left impressed by how much mankind had actually discovered in their ancient days when it came to medicinal treatments.

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