These Are The Logistics of The International Space Station

From the ISS's internet connection to its food supplies, Wendover Production brings us all the complex logistics of this laboratory in the sky.
Loukia Papadopoulos

The International Space Station (ISS) is likely the most significant science experiment humanity has ever undertaken. Now, Wendover Production brings us the stupendous logistics of the station.

The ISS is likely the most expensive single item humanity has ever built costing $160 billion. Each day that an astronaut spends in the ISS costs about $7.5 million.

The whole mission is a big logistics problem that needs to secure people going up to the station and being fed and provided for.

For food, the Russians use canned food while the Americans use pouches. Water and oxygen in the meantime are recycled.

NASA currently pays almost about $29,000 per pound of each shipment to the space station. That's why NASA has to be extremely cautious with what it sends up.

Another logistical problem is that launch delays are very common with space trips. Wendover production explains all these complications in great detail giving a clear image of the complex logistics of the ISS from its food supplies to its internet connection.

They even share the story of how astronauts got to have some ice cream once. The video is an in-depth look at how the ISS functions. We won't give you more details here, you have to watch the video to see just how the ISS handles all its complex logistics.

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