These are the Real Reasons Planes Crash

AsapSCIENCE brings us the real reasons behind most plane crashes and they fall into four categories.
Loukia Papadopoulos

AsapSCIENCE brings us this video on the real reason planes crash, and it comes down to four categories: human error, weather, mechanical error, and sabotage.

The first is the cause of the majority of crashes. These errors are predominately skill-based and decision errors. This can be improved with adequate sleep as many pilots are found to be sleep-deprived.

Weather-related events mean that some of the deadliest times to travel are December and January. These months see the most precipitation, low cloud cover, and fog — these all impact visibility.

Mechanical errors are involved in 23% of fatal accidents and are most likely to happen in smaller propeller aircraft. 

Finally, the most unlikely cause is sabotage at just a mere 7% of all crashes. 

The video also explored if there is anything you can do to increase your chances of survival. Studies have found that sitting at the back of a plane gives you more chances of survival. That is why the black box is left at the back.

Still, despite all this, flying is one of our safest modes of transportation.

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