These Are the Robots Making Your Tesla S Vehicles

A new video showcases the many varied robots behind the Tesla electric cars we all love so much! The factory's system uses robotics-led automation to its fullest extent.

We love our Teslas! From the Model 3, to the much-anticipated Roadster to the Model S, there is no denying these vehicles are modern day engineering marvels in their own right.

But Tesla's factories don't lag far behind in terms of impressiveness. Tesla CEO or 'nothing' Elon Musk has been known to give the rare tour of his extremely efficient factories and discuss the robots behind his popular electric cars.

Now, a new video is showing in detail the robots that build the Model S and you will not believe how much these machines do! From tiny ones to huge ones, these robots do everything from pain the vehicles to add the seats to secure the windshields.

Tesla's staff also explains how self-sufficient, efficient and even creative their robotics system is and after watching this video we can not help but agree. "We are building the future," says one employee.

Indeed, the clip gives an authentic look into our possible robot-led future and it is not as scary as some would have you believe. In fact, it seems to increase both safety and quality of work.

"We are utilizing automation to the fullest," explains the Tesla employee. The result? A nimble quick yet extremely precise system that he refers to as a "work of art." 

These Are the Robots Making Your Tesla S Vehicles

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