These Beer Glasses Magically Refill Themselves

The 'BottomsUp' beer tap system uses a super strong magnet to allow beer in through the bottom of a specially designed glass.
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This beer dispensing system was designed to eliminate waste. The system fills beer glasses and jugs from the bottom, filling the vessels with exactly the right amount of beer each time. The specially designed glasses and jigs have a hole in the bottom that allows the beer in, once the vessel is lifted off the dispenser, a super strong magnet falls over the hole, locking the beer safely inside.

The system achieves the perfect ratio of foam to beer and there is absolutely no waste caused from overfilling or spilling. The company claims that only 70% of a keg is actually sold to customers when dispensed using a traditional tap system. This is in stark contrast to 98% of beer being sold when dispensed from the ‘BottomsUp’ system. The system is available in both commercial and domestic models. The system is called ‘BottomsUp’ and speeds up bar service, as the bar staff doesn't have to individually pour each beer, rather, the cup is placed in the system and stops automatically.

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The revolutionary beer dispensing system was invented by Josh Springer. He claims that the idea came to him in a daydream in 2008 and he immediately developed a prototype at home. The idea has since grown into a full-scale production company called ‘GrinOn’ industries. The company is named after Springer's incessant smile. Check the BottomsUp website to see if you can get your very own tap system installed in your garage!

Via: BottomsUp

These Beer Glasses Magically Refill Themselves

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