These Buildings Can Fold and Unfold in Minutes Without the Need for Tools

Ten Fold Engineering have developed a range of buildings that unfold from shipping containers without the need for professional builders.
Jessica Miley

These incredible folding buildings are architecture's answer to transformers. They transform from a shipping container shaped box to a beautiful home in under ten minutes. Better still there is no skill required for their installation, the buildings literally put up themselves. Each building is a modular design that allows itself to unpack from its folded compact box to an airy and light home. The incredible buildings are designed by architectural and engineering firm, Ten Fold. They have used the principles found in nature and common objects like umbrellas to create a huge range of foldable buildings ranging from simple observatory structures to grand mansions.

Each design work on the same principle of being contained within a box that is transported by truck to site. From there the building is unfolded into its full glory. Each building is designed according to the same principles of lightweight materials combined with precise engineering that result in a high-quality building fit for multiple climatic conditions and uses. Each building can be installed on site in minutes without the need for professionals. The building helps you unfold it with a simple color-coded system. “Green levers go down, blue levers go up, when they balance they move easily, however heavy they are.” A basic hand operated drill is the only tool you’ll need for installation. Remarkable, because the buildings don’t require a traditional concrete slab, they are able to be installed in a variety of conditions and ground services. This makes them the perfect choice for emergency shelter post-natural disasters. Clinics or emergency housing could be up and operating within days not weeks. For the full range of building types head to the Ten Fold website.

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