These Busy Bee Robots Fast at Work Are Satisfying to Watch

Machines are responsible for producing nearly all the products you use today.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Today robots and machines are used in almost every product fabrication. But have you ever wondered what these robots look like when working?

Indeed, it can be quite satisfying to watch these machines perform their tasks to perfection over and over again. In this video, we bring you automation at its best.

You get to watch 10 robots do what they do best: build the products we need and want so much. There are Faber Castell's pencil-making robots that produce 2.3 billion pencils a year. 

There are the dough dividers that are responsible for the tasty delicious bread we all enjoy. There are apple sorters and slicers that sort and pick the best apples for us.

There are candy makers and cookie makers! Yum!

Curious how you get your mail? Robots are also involved in that process. What happens to products you no longer need? Giant shredding machines turn them into reusable material.

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Brush your teeth? Well, robots also made your toothbrush. Indeed, anything you use today was likely made at some point by a robot.

Automation is here to stay as it makes everything better. So watch this video of the robots that are busy making all your favorite products.


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