These Clever Loft Windows Can Transform Into Balconies

The Cabrio balcony from Velux is both a window and a balcony. Simply open the top hung window and push open the bottom half of the frame to create a perfectly functional balcony.
Jessica Miley

The Danish company Velux has developed a foldable balcony that fits inside a window frame when not needed. To open the balcony, simply push open the window using the handles attached to the window frame and it becomes a functional balcony. The top hung window opens up high to give the user lots of headroom and the balcony unfolds on an effortless mechanism that requires only a firm push. Called the Velux Cabrio balcony the clever window can be a feature of your new home or be retrofitted to your existing roof. Velux makes a range of windows and skylights that bring extra light into rooms, but this ingenious invention lets you go to the light. It’s designed to make rooms that have pitched roofs feel less claustrophobic and can be reportedly installed at a lower cost than a bespoke balcony design.

The Cabrio comes in a range of finishes, on the interior you can choose a white painted finish or raw pine and on the exterior, the window is finished with gray aluminum as standard, but depending on the look of your house you may want to upgrade and select copper, titanium zinc or colored aluminum. Velux is famous for their high-quality glazing and the Cabrio is no different. It is fitted with a laminated inner pane and is triple glazed for excellent noise reduction and energy efficiency. The glass also comes with an anti-dew coating to eliminate external condensation.

Via: Velux

 These Clever Loft Windows Can Transform Into Balconies

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