These Crazy Water Vehicles Are Designed to Mimic Sharks and Whales

The Seabreacher range of recreational water vehicles are designed to look like whales, dolphins or sharks. The unusual boats can dive underwater as well as jump over obstacles.
Jessica Miley

Is it a Jet Ski? Is it a whale? No, it's the Innerspace Sea Breaker! This crazy aqua vehicle is part jet ski and party boat. Designed in the form of an orca whale, shark or dolphin the Seabreacher represents a totally new way to play on the water. Each insane vehicle is hand built to the customer's specifications. The vehicle is designed with controls similar to an aircraft allowing the driver or pilot to move with full three axes of control – pitch, roll, and yaw. Skilled drivers can get the vehicle to jump, dive or cut through waves. The latest model is even capable of 360-degree barrel rolls on the water, just like a real orca whale.

Each vessel can fit two people and the large acrylic cabin allows for a 360-degree view as you dive and jump. The Seabreacher is classified as an inboard motorboat but you’ll need to check with your local authorities before taking to the open seas. The amazing creature boats can dive down to 2 meters and stay submerged for up to a minute. Each vessel is engineered to always self-right, so beginner pilots can rest assured they won’t sink while they begin to master the controls. The orca whale version, known as the Seabreacher Y comes equipped with a 260hp supercharged engine. It even has a built-in blowhole for added whale effect.