These Data Scientists Taught a Robot How to Paint

But where does the machine's inspiration come from?
Loukia Papadopoulos

Robots nowadays seem to be doing everything from mining the deep seas to building dams. But the question remains: can they be artistic?

Conventionally thinking, art is something that is truly human as it requires creativity and inspiration. However, two data scientists are out to prove that robots can be artists too.

“Neural networks are no smarter than humans, but they can play games that combine creative and analytical abilities better than champions because they can accumulate the skills of many masters. By the same principle, we teach neural networks to paint pictures," data scientists and artists Nikolai Gavrilin and Anna Mishchenko said in a statement.

In their unique video, we can see a robot creating a beautiful work of art from beginning to end. You might be wondering where the machine finds the inspiration to paint?

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The data scientists have added that the "code 'ponders' the concept of a human artist, compares it with a library of knowledge, and two robotic hands transfer the result to paper or canvas." There you have it! A code can now create majestic works of art that can rival the best paintings out there.

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