These Drones Awkwardly Replaced Models at the Milan Fashion Week

Drones recently caused a delay at one of the most anticipated shows of Milan Fashion Week.
Shelby Rogers

When Dolce & Gabbana make headlines, it's normally due to the iconic fashion house's bold choices or trendsetting ideas. However, it most recently caught attention not for its latest line of handbags but for the models of said handbags. 

Instead of opting for D&G's signature model, the house decided to use drones down a catwalk for Milan Fashion Week. The drones hovered down the runway, but just like any interesting fashion 'walk,' the show wasn't without hiccups. 

Fashionista reported that the show got delayed an additional 45 minutes and successfully angered some of the biggest names in fashion. The difficulties of the crew even riled up Vogue's longtime editor-in-chief and fashion critic Anna Wintour. As Fashionista noted, even having Wintour dramatically leave the show wasn't enough for Dolce & Gabbana to explain the reasons behind the delay for fear of giving away the 'big reveal': 

"After 45 minutes — and what was surely a very stern talking-to from one Anna Wintour, who, later, lost her patience for the proceedings and leapt up from her seat after 40 minutes and several announcements passed — we learned what was so important: Drones. The gates to Dolce & Gabbana's heaven opened up, and out flew a handful of drones toting a new style of handbag. They fluttered up towards the angels decorating the set before filing onto the runway."

The drones then gave way to normal models who showcased the more human elements of the latest collection. However, we wouldn't be surprised if Boston Dynamics more humanoid robots one day replaced the models as well. Maybe even global phenomenon Sophia would have an opinion about walking the runway one day.