These Experts Break Down a Jeep and Rebuild It Perfectly in Under 4 Minutes

The Jiffy Jeep Crew is an astounding team. Watch as they completely take apart and then rebuild this Jeep in less than four minutes.
Jessica Miley

Watch the Jiffy Jeep Crew completely take apart and rebuild a Jeep in under 4 minutes. Yes, just in under 4 minutes this team of seven work in absolute synchronicity to fully take apart the Jeep then put it all back together before driving off. The incredible display was part of the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival in Butler Pennsylvania, the birthplace of the Jeep.

Before inventing one of the most iconic cars in the world, The American Bantam Car Company was designing and building farm equipment. In 1940, the US Army put out a tender to 135 tractor and vehicle makers in the US to design a four-wheel drive, 40 horsepower, 1,300-pound reconnaissance car that could haul soldiers as well as heavy artillery. And they needed to have a working prototype ready to test in 49 days. Of the 135 companies approached, just two accepted the challenge and because Bantam Car Company promised to get it done in just 45 days, they were awarded the contract.

Once the first car was ready it was driven by Butler local, Ralph Turner to Camp Holabird in Maryland and handed over to the army to undergo rigorous testing for 30 days. The design was a success, but the Bantam Car Company didn’t have the capacity to meet the army's requirements of producing 75 vehicles a day. Ford was given that responsibility and produced more than half a million Jeeps for World War II. The Bantam factory produced 2,675 Jeeps and created other speciality items for the car, they never returned to agriculture machinery. The Bantam Car Factory closed in 1956.

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