These Fascinating Original Inventions Make Our Lives So Much Easier

Once you see them, you will understand why you need them!
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Inventions have been happening since the beginning of time and they are always welcome. Why? Because inventions make our lives easier.

In this video, we bring you some recent inventions that you may have not even know you needed. Once you see them however you will immediately know why they make your life so much better.

There's the nifty plate washer that makes your plates sparkle and places them all neatly in a row. There is the pavement that is completely leakproof, with wine just splashing right off without leaving a single trace.

Did you know you could close up a wound without stitches? This cool plastic sticker does that for you. Did you also know you can store all your tools in an elegant spinning barrel? Well, you can in yet another interesting invention.

Next, there's a portable head massager that massages better than a pro. Just put it around your head and relax as it works its magic. There's also the super practical fruit and vegetable peeler that removes the skin off of anything almost like magic.

There's also a bumper protector, a vein indicator, a pet washing and grooming brush, a Fledbag dispenser, a bionic wrench, a sock sorting laundry device, and a foldable cane stick chair