These Futuristic Electric Rollerblades Fold Down to the Width of an iPhone 8 Plus

Blizwheel combines e-mobility technology with traditional roller skates to create an awesome new way to get around.
Jessica Miley

Meet the world’s smallest electric vehicle, Blizwheel. Blizwheel is something like electric roller skates that you can control via a app or its very cool smart glove. The very light device simply straps onto your regular shoes and you are on your way. The futuristic travel option has been designed by a group of skaters and engineers with a mission to revolutionize transportation. The collaborative design team have taken technology from e-vehicles and combined it with the traditional idea of rollerskates. Once folded and placed in its carry case, the roller skates are only as wide as an iPhone 8 Plus.

Probably the coolest feature of the Blizwheel is the finger-controlled speed controller. You simply strap on the watch accessory and micro finger glove and then control the speed of the Blizwheel by bending and straightening your finger! Bend to accelerate and straighten to slow down. The finger controller is part of the premium Blizwheel pack that is now available on Indigogo for $569 USD. If you don’t go for the premium option, the other Blizel packs include an intuitive handheld controller that allows you to speed and up and slow down using a simple joystick. Both the finger controller and handheld controller have a built-in dashboard that displays your current speed, max speed, mileage and remaining battery life. The videos of the Blizwheel are pretty convincing. It looks like a seriously smooth and fun ride. Check Blizwheel's Indiegogo page for the details.