These Mechanics Make a Car Run On Magnets

Yes, just like that age old rage comic.

We all know there is one thing that cars need to run (provided they are not electric vehicles) and that is gasoline. But what if you could run gas-powered cars without a drop of gas? Wouldn't that be something?

The YouTuber mechanic at Garage 54 was given that challenge and decided to live up to it. He did have one key advantage though: he was provided with a schematic using magnets.

"A viewer submitted a schematic and dared us to make it a reality. As you know - we're not ones to shy away from a challenge," said the YouTuber in his description.

The first step in his process was checking if the vehicle had thrust after the schematic had been applied. The mechanic then got into the car for the gas-free test ride.

And what a ride it was! The vehicle indeed proceeded to run just fine with no gas in it at all. With this nifty invention, one has to wonder why more car companies haven't caught up to it yet and commercialized it so that we can have clean running cars.

Well, if you watch the video you find out why. We will give you a hint: the whole ride was a joke.

 And for the uninitiated, this is the aforementioned age old rage comic.

These Mechanics Make a Car Run On Magnets
Source: KnowYourMeme
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