These Mind-Blowing Drawings Will Deceive Your Eyes

Talented trick painter Stefan Pabst makes art that will delight and confuse you.
Jessica Miley

This painting of a glass will make you look at least twice. Painted by talented 3D artist Stefan Pabst the video appears to show a glass of water sitting on a table, until the camera changes angle and it's revealed to be a hyper-realistic work of art. Even though you now know it’s not real, every time the paper is placed in harmony with the camera angle to produce the optical illusion, your brain is tricked over again. It is a great example of how the brain works and just how easy it can be to deceive it.

Pabst is a trained portrait artist but runs the channel Portrait Painter Pabst that has a focus on showing the wonder of trick painting. Pabst’s channel is full of super fun and entertaining videos such as how to draw a black hole on the palm of your hand as well as great examples of his work like uncannily accurate images of spiders and snakes.

The works fall roughly into the classification of illusionism, a painting genre that aims to create 2D works that appear to share the same physical space as their viewer. Throughout art history, there have been fantastic examples of illusionism such as Trompe-l'œil. Trompe-l'œil which in French means "deceive the eye" is a technique that uses imagery to create optical illusions that the realistic scenes or objects exist in three dimensions.