These New-Gen Watercraft Will Make You Want to Ride Them

Are you ready to go on an adventure both on and below the surface?
Deniz Yildiran

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As we get to discover more oceans and infinite waters in-depth, it's only natural that we need advanced vehicles to put us on exciting journeys. Indeed, jet skis, small water vessels, giant cruise ships, and sublime submarines are nothing unfamiliar. But do you know that there is more to such watercraft?

These watercraft can do more than usual vehicles that we know of. Imagine swimming like a dolphin, diving up to 5 feet deep (1.5 meters). Well, technically you can't turn yourself into one, but you can get on the watercraft version of one which allows you to explore below the surface. Known as Seabreachers, they come with water cannons and skyrockets launchers. Then, there are water cars that can accommodate up to four people and help you swim on the surface. They are swimming cars in the literal sense that lets you cheat your way in as if you're playing GTA. And then comes the seabubbles; electric, self-stabilizing flying boats that can float above the water at 17 mph (27 kph).