These Plasma Lighters Can Start Fires With Tiny Lightning Bolts

Plasma lighters create a 900 degree flameless beam that can light almost anything.

Move over butane lighters, plasma is the new way to light up your life. The Plazmatic VEO Flameless USB Lighter uses a USB rechargeable battery to create a flameless plasma beam that can be used to light anything from candles to a campfire. The beam has a top temperature of 900 degrees! One charge gives you around 50 - 100 instances to light things up, but the device is quick to recharge.

A plasma lighter is perfect for camping or hiking as the beam is not affected by wind or rain. So next time you head out into the wilderness be sure to carry a plasma lighter that will give you a fire no matter how lousy the weather. But the lighter works on a domestic level too. Lighting cigarettes, candles, gas stoves, a plasma lighter can do it all. Plasma lighters are also arguably better for the environment too. Regular butane lighters are designed to last only as long as the fuel does, so the plastic and metal object is thrown away once the gas is used up. They are mass-produced and are often flimsy. A plasma lighter can be fully recharged more than 500 times so it's going to have much longer life on earth before being thrown away.

Not only are they practical and economic, plasma lighters, just look awesome. Clicking the button creates tiny lightning bolts. You can buy a plasma lighter from lots of online gadget stores with prices ranging from $10 - $50 USD.

Via: Plazmatic 


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