These Robots and Machines Are the Future of Agriculture

Agriculture and farming might seem like boring industries until you see the technology they use.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Agriculture and farming at first glance do not seem like very exciting industries, but the tech used in them is some of the most advanced out there. Indeed, the industries see the use of robots and machines that do everything from killing weeds to pick up fruit and vegetables without bruising them.

In this video, we bring you some of the latest advancements in agriculture and farming you have to see to believe. These innovations are meant to keep up with an increased need for food and a decreased workforce in the agriculture and farming industries.

There's a mobile diesel-powered platform that can do over 100 jobs on a farm. There's a machine that uses video imaging analysis to achieve excellent rows. There's a wireless smart seeder that can deliver up to six products independently. There's a fully autonomous robot that can pick strawberries as gently as a human hand could. There's a machine that can harvest up to 1200 trees a day by shaking them and that's just the beginning.

The innovations used on farms are as diverse as you can imagine and all serve one lofty goal: To provide nutrition for ever-expanding populations. Watch our video to see how robots and machines are helping to feed the world.

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