These Secret Bookcases Will Turn Any House into a Mysterious Mansion

The team at I Like to Make Stuff added the iconic door/bookshelf surprise to a friend’s refurbished house.

It seems like any good mystery movie or scary film has at least one or two secret doors. One of the best types of those doors? Hidden ones in a library that lead to other chambers.

These doors have become so iconic that they’ve been parodied in plenty of films as well. However, that doesn’t make them any less cool. The team at I Like to Make Stuff is helping film fans and book lovers alike transform an ordinary bookcase into a secret door with this video.

It all started when friends of the channel renovated their attic and wanted to close off space into a secret room. Rather than close the space away as something boring, the couple decided to get creative.

As the video shows, the installation was simple in theory. However, Bob said on the website that there’s still more work to be done to give the bookshelf its signature smooth swing.

“There are still several things to go back and fix up, even though it’s ‘complete,’” Bob explained. “I need to add quarter round at the bottom, touch up some paint and paint the backside of the cabinet to mask some of the modifications that I had to make mid-project.”

But for the chance at bringing to life a door to make any guest envious, the hard work was worth it.

“Ultimately, I spent a lot of time, trimming, sanding, shimming and adjusting to make the cabinet fit, roll, open and close like I wanted it to, but it was TOTALLY worth it,” he said. “My friend is extremely happy with it, and it ended up working better than I ever thought it would!”

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