These Solar-Powered Charging Kiosks Look Like Palm Trees Taking in the Sun

Dubai has installed 'smart palms' that provide WiFi and free phone charging.
Jessica Miley

Stuck in the city with no battery, but really need to get in touch with friends? Your problem would be solved if your city had the Smart Palm. The Smart Palm is a solar-powered sculpture that provides a device recharging space, WiFi access point and city information all in the same place. The Smart Palm also provides street lighting and can film its surrounding area using CCTV. The ‘tree’ is also equipped with an emergency panic button that when hit alerts local authorities to the trouble. The Smart Palm was first installed in the city of Dubai.

Dubai is famous for its fast adoption of technology and in the last three decade has evolved from a desert town to a massive international metropolis. The Smart Palms have been introduced to Dubai beaches and parks The six-meter-high towers provide free WiFi to beachgoers as well as being an important source of information for visitors to the area. Each palm has screens that display local news as well as relevant advertising. Once installed the Palms run entirely off their own generated solar power. Hussain Lootah, Director-General, Dubai Municipality described the installation of the clever technology saying, “Under the guidance of our leaders, Dubai has developed an international reputation as a place for technology and innovation. Through Smart Palm, the public will be able to benefit from free direct access to the internet while providing valuable public information covering a range of topics including weather forecasts and orientation guides. Most importantly, these structures are entirely self-sufficient thanks to their monocrystal solar panels, which provide up to 21 percent efficiency.”

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