These Students Upgraded a Boring Tricycle into a 'Chainsaw Trike'

Shelby Rogers

Who said tricycles had to be for little kids? A few students from Georgia Tech decided to upgrade a traditional Radio Flyer tricycle with an old chainsaw.

The gas-powered chainsaw tricycle lets the user glide with ease. It's hard enough for a grown man to sit on a regular-sized chainsaw, let alone pedal.

The guys with ThisDustIn on YouTube solved a lot of potential issues a grown man would have driving a chainsaw-powered trike around campus. They reinforced the frame to hold their weight. The guys welded the drivetrain, mounted the engine, and added more supports to the back wheels. They even added 'big people' footholds.

However, they did notably forget a braking system. On a regular tricycle, that's an understandable pass. On a gas-powered 'chainsaw trike', it would've been a nice safety feature.

Why stop at just one gas-powered childhood toy? The guys also added a gas powered Little Tikes car to the video. When you're paying off tens of thousands of dollars in student loans, rides like the chainsaw trike seem a lot more appealing to get around campus.

Via ThisDustIn


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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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