These Stylish Wooden Shelves Are Made out of Old Hangers

With the right tools and expertise in woodwork, you can turn old wooden hangers into eclectic shelves.

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What do you do with your old wooden hangers? Toss them out? Well, you may want to save them going forward as they can make for some pretty nifty wooden shelves. 

Not anyone can achieve this transformation. It takes the right tools and expertise in woodwork. But it's definitely fun to watch the video of the process.

First, take an old wooden hanger and remove the bottom part. Make sure not to leave any nails in. Next, cut off the top part as well. Do this with four hangers.

Once you have these pieces, sand them to make sure they are bright and shiny. Spray paint them yellow, red or another vibrant stylish color of your choice.


Then, take two large pieces of wood and spray paint them the same color as the hangers. Drill holes in the hangers both at the two edges and at the top. Drill holes on the sides of the two pieces of wood. 

Using nails, secure the hangers on the edge of the wood pieces on both sides. The hangers now serve as the legs of your shelves. Congratulations you have made eclectic and stylish shelves out of old wooden hangers!

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