These Thieves Used A Gigantic Forklift to Steal A Bank ATM

Thieves in Conway, Arkansas, crashed a forklift into a bank and drove away with an ATM.
Jessica Miley

Bank robbery is a dying crime genre, but ATM thefts are apparently still popular. Or at least achievable if you have a giant forklift at your disposal. Thieves in Conway, Arkansas, busted down part of a bank before spearing an ATM with the blade of a forklift and driving off. The whole thing was captured by CCTV which police are using on social media to ask for help catching the brazen robbers. The ATM was snatched around 3:30 am on August 16th and the people responsible are still on the loose.  

The video footage doesn’t show the face of the driver, but police are asking for members of the public to watch the video and assist in identifying the forklift. It is expected the criminals will have some ties to the freight or construction industry.  

ATM’s can be enourmous and hard to crack, but I guess if you have already smashed down a bank, this hardly seems like an important detail. Though if you find this video inspiring, choose your ATM carefully, most are fitted with a GPS tracking device. So taking your personal money tree home may result in a swift visit from the police. Some ATM’s are also fitted with dye capsules, that will mark all the bills inside, making it very difficult to pass off.  

If you happen to be in the Arkansas area and do have some information, the local police will be happy to hear from you if you call them on 501-450-6130.