These Tiny Robotic Arms Help Surgeons Perform Life-Saving Procedures

The DaVinci surgical system lets surgeons control small robot arms to complete precise and delicate surgeries.
Jessica Miley

Robots are not only flipping burgers they are now performing surgery. The DaVinci Surgery system is a series of tiny highly dexterous robot arms that can be manipulated by a qualified surgeon to complete precise cutting and stitching. During the surgery, the surgeon sits at a console and views the patient's target anatomy in a high definition 3D image. The surgeon can deftly manipulate the robotic arms through movement of their own hands and wrists. The advantage of getting the robots to actually complete the work is their ability for absolute, precision, control and flexibility. The surgery can be sued on a range of minimally invasive surgeries such as cardiac, urologic including prostate, bladder and kidney cancers, and thoracic surgery.

The robot was developed by Intuitive Surgical. The Californian based company is a leader in the field of robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery. The DaVinci surgery system has completed more than 3 million procedures since it was introduced in 2000. The system is now in use in 64 countries worldwide and in every U.S. state. Despite the hype, the robots are not actually doing the surgery themselves, the surgeon is moving controlling their movements, even though the surgeon is not touching the patient. In theory, the surgeons could not even be physically present at the surgery site, but for now, it is a requirement they are there.