These Traffic Flow Simulations Are Weirdly Mesmerizing

YouTuber Euverus modelled thirty different traffic junctions by adding modifying the game "Cities: Skylines". The results are incredibly satisfying to watch.
Jessica Miley

There seems to be a video game to suit every quirky individual out there, whether you like blowing stuff up or getting married, there is a game for you. Budding city officials and urban planners are not forgotten either. The game Cities: Skylines is a single player city-building game where players engage in building a city considering all aspects of daily life including taxes and transportation. Players of the game must maintain the health of its city by manipulating various items like its budget, health, employment, and pollution levels. One popular feature of the game allows the player to plan out effective public transportation for the city to reduce traffic congestion. Roads can be built at a variety of widths and for a variety of uses that will have an effect on neighboring homes and business. The roads can also be designed to accommodate public transport.

One fan of the game has taken this aspect of gameplay and modified it to create a video of some weirdly mesmerizing traffic flow simulations. Complete with a synth soundtrack the video provides an unexpected source of pleasure as cars flow through an intersection with varying results. The video shows the intersection with a variety of different traffic conditions starting with no traffic lights up to custom traffic light scenario that manages to almost double the vehicle for. Watch the whole video to see the full range of thirty intersections.

Via: euverus

These Traffic Flow Simulations Are Weirdly Mesmerizing

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