These Two Devices Turn Almost All Surfaces into a Smart Touchscreen

Hachi's Puppy Cube and Hachi Infinite offer unlimited entertainment and fun along with some very useful apps.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Hachi has not one but two innovative products that can turn any surface into a smart touchscreen. The devices are called Puppy Cube and Hachi Infinite. 

Puppy Cube is a stand-alone ultra-short-throw projector. It comes complete with Android OS and a 300 ANSI lumens HD display of up to 100 inches. It is portable which means you can enjoy this projector on the go. In terms of screen size, it can go from 23 inches all the way up to a hundred. It also has a 10 point multitouch which can work on any surface.

Hachi infinite on the other hand has two different modes, horizontal and vertical. It also has artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. It features human pose estimation that can be very useful for physical training programs. It comes with HDMI, USB, and 3.5mm ports.

Hachi infinite is paired with Amazon's Alex for voice command. The AI kitchen is one of its most impressive features. The app can actually recognize ingredients placed in the touchscreen area. It can, then, recommend appropriate recipes. It also informs you of each items' calories and nutritional value. You can even put two items and watch it find recipes that involve both those items.