These YouTubers Cut Hoverboard Shoes Open to Take a Look Inside

In a fun and short video, the hosts of What's Inside compare the insides of some of the cheapest of these futuristic shoes to the most expensive ones.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Who doesn't love hoverboard shoes? The novelty footwear was first seen in the Back to The Future film series and had teenagers and adults around the world dreaming of the day they could fly on these bad boys.

We eventually saw that dream come true with a little less gusto than the on-screen versions. But with everything that is fun and techy, there is always someone out there who wonders how it works or what is inside it.

Of course, that someone is often YouTube channel What's Inside's hosts. This intrepid father-son duo has mostly become famous for looking inside all things Tesla

But their specialty and passion do not stop there. In this video, the YouTubers take a stab (quite literally) at what lies inside hoverboard shoes.

They, of course, take the futuristic footwear for a test ride first. They are only human after all and who could resist?

The team investigates a couple of hoverboard shoe models with a range of pricing and makes an interesting discovery regarding the components of the cheapest versus the most expensive. 

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In the end, the curious YouTubers deduce that although fun, these dynamic shoes are kind of dangerous. Well, we could have guessed that without looking inside!



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