These YouTubers Put LEGO in The Blender

Watching Lego gets destroyed is always strangely enjoyable
Jessica Miley

YouTube is full of ‘destruction’ genre videos, think the Hydraulic Press Channel and ‘What’s Inside’. Just when you think the genre has been done to death, someone pulls out a blender and a box full of Lego.

The team from ‘King of Random’ decide it might be fun to try and blend everyone's favorite childhood toy - and they weren’t wrong.

To be accurate they have a Blendtec, rather than a standard domestic smoothie maker they also have a neat little hack of using liquid nitrogen to cool down the bricks pre-blending.

Cooling the bricks makes them extremely brittle which allows them to get blended up into a really fine, brightly colored sand.

If you want to try at home, simply dip your bricks in the dry ice, then immediately into the blender.

Before the bricks heat up again they are easily pulverized. Of course when you have a channel called ‘King of Random’ you can’t leave it there.

The hosts take their newly acquired Lego sand and attempt to create a new kind of Lego by putting the colored dust inside a kitchen pan and then inside a 400 degree Fahrenheit oven.

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The results are underwhelming to say the least. But a fascinating insight into a super common material.

The Kind of Random Channel is the perfect place to turn for always interesting and nerdy content that ranges from upcycling trash to solving cell phone reception problems.

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