This 2-in-1 Portable LED Light Is Perfect for Adventurous Filmmakers

The ghostLED is a 2-in1 LED lamp that is a great option for adventurous artists. It is rugged and waterproof and can be used in continuous or flashing modes.
Jessica Miley

This incredible 2-in-1 LED light only weighs half a kilogram. Known as the ghostLED it is designed to give photographers and filmmakers control over their lighting conditions without sacrificing weight. The ghostLED can be used in continuous light mode or one flashing mode. Essentially it is a cross between an on-location photography flash and an LED lamp. Designed by an Italian startup Snap-Bits, the ghostLED is a great tool for an adventurous artist's kit. The rugged design is waterproof and super agile. It is designed to be able to mount on all your equipment and comes with a cold shoe for on-camera as well as a 3/8 adapter so it can mount to any tripod or your action cam mount. Its designers describe the product saying: “Lightweight, waterproof and compatible with most accessories on the market; ghostED is the ideal flash-companion for anyone who wants to photograph or film their indoor spaces or outdoor adventures."

Snap-Bits was founded by energetic entrepreneur and professional photographer Eleonora Raggi. She describes her motivation to start the company and develop the Ghost product: “I wanted to make sure to surround myself with people who’d bring their passion and talent together with their undying support, to collaborate with me throughout ghostLED's design and development process.” The device is available for pre-order on the company’s website.

Via: Snap-Bits

This 2-in-1 Portable LED Light Is Perfect for Adventurous Filmmakers

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